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"When I went to Pure three and half years ago I could not do 1 sit up. The coach had to help me up, even to sit back was hard. Today I can do 100 sit ups and deadlift 1.5 times my body weight. The coaches have worked with my abilities and always push me to the next level. Being stronger and more flexible has helped me avoid work place injuries. I have become a role model for my daughter and have more energy in my day to day life. It is great to be at a 'gym' where people notice if you have been away." - Todd Davis

"Pure Fitness and crossfit have truly changed my life. I have been a member for almost three years and can honestly say (at 43yrs old) that I am stronger and more fit that I have ever been. The gym is immaculate, the instructors are incredible, and the members are awesome!" - Dawn Isac

"I have been physically active my whole life with an athletic background ranging from long distance running to provincial-level team sports. CrossFit training at Pure has allowed me to reach a degree of fitness I didn’t know was possible. Jason and Kelly have created an atmosphere at Pure driven by learning, friendships and ass kicking fun!" - Kirsten Barschel

"When I signed up for Pure Fitness, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I went into it with an open mind and was willing to try different things. With a little time I could see improvements in not only my fitness level but in my quality of the exercises as well. My only regret is that I didn’t start earlier. As a pro hockey player, this was a great way to condition my body through strength and endurance, while having fun doing it. I showed up in Munich for camp, in excellent shape and scored very high in my fitness scores and had improvements in all areas." - Dylan Gyori

"Pure Fitness has been the most effective training program that I have experienced. I found the programs and instructors to be first rate. Tough, challenging and informative, Pure Fitness has helped me to meet and exceed my desired goals." - Becca Glackin